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Thus, the most economical heating mode is achieved. At the same time, in houses with liquid fuel, the owner of the house is not at all concerned about control over its consumption. This control and replenishment of the fuel stock is carried out by a special service. Even without notifying the owner of the house, the fuel truck arrives, connects the hose to the filling neck and fills the container. Control of electricity meters is also carried out without the participation of the owner of the house. All counters outdoor performance. Earlier every month the inspector came and photographed the meter readings. Recently installed new meters, which transmit their testimony without human intervention, by radio. I was present at such a replacement of the counter and was surprised by the simplicity of this operation. No bolts, nuts or tools. It was just that the old counter was pulled out like a plug from the socket, and the new counter was also inserted and sealed up exactly.

 Of course, such progress, in many respects, is explained by the long-term, or rather the centuries-old evolution. Indeed, in the territory of Canada for 400 years of existence there were no military operations. Their homes and engineering systems never collapsed, but only improved and improved. It is difficult to imagine such a thing for Russians. Quebequa (these are residents of the French-speaking province of Canada) believe that in the fifties of the last century they had a revolution. But it was such a revolution, which they themselves call the “silent revolution.” These were just political changes, as a result of which Quebec Province gained greater independence, increased the authority of the French-speaking population of Canada and got rid of the centuries-long dominance of the Catholic Church. As a result, in just the last 50-60 years, the church has completely lost power over the people.

Churches almost no one visits. And they are adapted for clubs, educational institutions, or simply demolished for the construction of other buildings. And oddly enough, no one is outraged by this either in Canada or in other countries of the world. But the power of the church in Canada was literally omnipresent. In my opinion, she was tougher than any NKVD in the Soviet Union. Judge for yourself: a church was built for every 250 parishioners. For example, in our town with a population of only 1,300 people, back in 1897, a church about 20×60 meters in size and a cross, towering to a height of at least 40 meters, was already built. In the USSR, perhaps, there was not such a number of administrative buildings, including district committees, executive committees, police stations, the NKVD, etc., all together. The former role of the church is visible even from a simple acquaintance with the map of Quebec: about half of all the names on the map begin with the word “holy.” At present, even a formal decision has been taken to end this practice of “Svyatoslavia”.