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Modern youth seriously undermines traditional formsemployment. Many of us don’twant to value our timein dollars. Our lives are worth more, and we prefer things like work flexibility and free time, rather than a senseless drive to advance. Most importantly, we want to enjoy work! We have gathered together a bunch of funny summer jobs in Canada, working on which you will feel like on vacation. Having fun in the sun all summer and getting money for it sounds like a dream.

Here are seven amazing Canadian summer vacancies where you will feel like on vacation: Dog hunter Salary: from 15 to 20 per hour You walk long distances while making furry friends in this fun work! I know that this is a real job and profession, but it looks like a vacation, and I would really like to be paid for spending time with dogs. Courier on the bike Salary: 18 per hour Ride around the city on a bicycle all day, delivering documents and packages.

You get paid to ride a bike and check all kinds of office buildings and hidden places in your city! Tour guide Salary: 20 per hour Meet new people every day and show them how amazing your corner of Canada really is! You can spend a lot of time on the street and feel like a mini-vacation every day. Pool Keeper Salary: 17 per hour The registrar is a lifeguard dash, at this job you will be 99% cooled by the pool, and what could be more like a vacation than this?

Midway Games employee Salary: 15 per hour This summer, a local fair is taking place near you, and someone has to hand out soft toys why not Park worker Salary: 17 to 19 per hour Taking care of public places, national parks and animal habitats is a job where you can feel good, plus you can be in the sun all summer surrounded by trees! Golf Ranger Salary: from 15 to 20 per hour Hosing the golf cart, taking care of the lawns and catching golf balls from the ponds sounds good when you spend your summer days on a magnificent green golf course.