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This touching story happened in Canada. The girl was walking with a camera along the shore of Lake Ontario on a windy winter day and saw a funny picture: a woman, standing on one leg, struggled to hold her dog by the tail. The dog was already half in the water and obviously very interested in something. To understand what is happening, I had to come closer. It turned out that a little mouse had fallen into the water from a sheer icy shore and now flounders there, trying to get out, but without success.

How did he help the little mouse tried to climb up, but every time he slipped back into the icy water. In the end, he decided to change tactics and swam to the shore. It was very difficult for him to swim, the waves carried him forward, but then they threw him backwards. Trying to get more air, the small creature opened its mouth wide, and then again stubbornly continued its journey to the shore. Finally, the little mouse got to the shore, completely exhausted. It seemed that the strength and energy finally left him. He lay still, trying to gain strength, and at any moment the wave could drag him again behind him.

Or he could become a victim of dogs, which are usually a lot there. Therefore, the author of the story decided to help the little mouse: she cautiously approached him and picked up. He did not try to escape or bite her. First, the girl carried the mouse to where he fell from and laid it on the ground. But he continued to lie motionless and was still easy prey for dogs. Then she came up with something better. She again took it in her hands, sat on the nearest bench and began to warm the little mouse in her warm gloves, hoping that the fabric would absorb moisture, and the heat would help bring the little mouse in order.

She checked his condition every few minutes. After 10–15 minutes, she decided that it was time to open the gloves and allow the warming sun to finish the work. The little mouse was clearly in no hurry to escape. It was very interesting to watch how life gradually returns to the tortured little mouse. He was calm, warm and comfortable in gloves, and he was still not ready to leave this shelter. But finally he began to stir and wash. Now it was just time to release it to some safe place. And such a place a bunch of boards was found. Ideal for hiding there. Perhaps someone will say that saving an unnecessary little mouse is a folly and a waste of time. But even Aesop said: “Kindness, even the smallest, is never in vain.”