Canada is a country of dreams!

According to the observations of experts from the University of British Columbia (Canada), students who study music are much better able to cope with language and mathematical exams than their peers who do not have such a hobby. On this July 24, reported the news agency “RIA Novosti”, having read the publication of the study […]

The heating revolution in Canada

Thus, the most economical heating mode is achieved. At the same time, in houses with liquid fuel, the owner of the house is not at all concerned about control over its consumption. This control and replenishment of the fuel stock is carried out by a special service. Even without notifying the owner of the house, […]

How Canadian schoolchildren earn

Modern youth seriously undermines traditional formsemployment. Many of us don’twant to value our timein dollars. Our lives are worth more, and we prefer things like work flexibility and free time, rather than a senseless drive to advance. Most importantly, we want to enjoy work! We have gathered together a bunch of funny summer jobs in […]

Hotel prison in Ottawa

In the continuation of the stories about the most unusual hotels in Canada, our new author Elena from Ottawa decided to tell us about the prison whereyou can live and enjoy life. By the way, if you have not read the story about the hotel in the trees, it’s time to read. In 1862, a […]

How a girl from Canada saved a little mouse

This touching story happened in Canada. The girl was walking with a camera along the shore of Lake Ontario on a windy winter day and saw a funny picture: a woman, standing on one leg, struggled to hold her dog by the tail. The dog was already half in the water and obviously very interested […]